Josephine Qvist
Josephine Qvist
Josephine is a 23 year old girl of 23 who comes from Örebro and lives with her partner. She runs a blog where she writes about her make up interest and everyday life. Josephine starred in the first season out of Ex on the Beach Sweden in 2015 and we are delighted to have her among our friends. 
Poze 5 in 1 Hair Styler - Pink Edition
Poze 5 in 1 styler is the only curler you need with five barrels in various sizes. You simply create elegant hairstyles with shiny curls and a luxurious thick wavy hair. I just love this styler because I can vary the curls and you do not have any cables getting tangled when you only have one.
Poze Clip & Go One-Piece 130 gram
With Poze Clip & Go One-Piece, I get a luxurious hair that's perfect every day of the week. A whole set of hair extensions with ready-made clips on a single piece. Super easy to get a full-bodied hair in a short time with entire 130 grams.